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“Having worked in talent acquisition for years, I have specialized in technical recruitment, including IT roles. I have noticed that the number of IT roles has increased and the market has become more competitive. At the same time, very few companies have adjusted to the market. Karo Solutions offers an innovative approach to building engineering teams that values diversity, inclusion, and remote work. By bringing together professionals from various backgrounds, we promote creativity and collaboration while expanding the available talent pool. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures equal opportunities for all, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and supported. With a focus on talent management, we help companies stay ahead of the competition in the fast-paced IT market.” Ekaterina Leonova, 

“My vision as a problem-solver and through the lenses of Karo-Solutions is to create a gathering place for people and technology where adding value is a cornerstone of our services and solutions. Each problem or hurdle opens unlimited opportunities, that is the reason why I believe that Karo-Solutions is your partner of choice.”  Ron Maïga, 


Ekaterina Leonova

Chief Executive Officer

Ron Maiga

Chief Technical Officer

Nidhi Pathak

Recruiting Specialist

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