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Stockholm, Sweden

Job Title
Lead SRE/DevOps Engineer
Job Type
Full Time Remote
31 May, 2024

Company Description

We are a vibrant, value-centered company where people and technology meet, collaborate and create solutions. Our work is based on proactivity, attention to details, questioning and bringing adequate technological solutions, as well as people´s management and organizational structure.

We help organizations of any size with their IT development projects, including such aspects as project- and talent management. Putting together teams of talented software developers and cover all the necessary expertise has shown itself to be rather challenging. Karo-solutions is providing the distributed team of experienced developers working most efficiently and with latest technologies.

  • Problem Solving
  • CI/CD
  • Programming skills
  • Automation Prototypes and Concepts
  • Automated Pipeline Development


Seniority Level: Senior

Location: Warsaw, Poland (Remote)

Remote Work: 100%

Contract Duration: June 02, 2024 - May 31, 2025

Application Deadline: May 31, 2024

For our client, we are searching for a seasoned Lead SRE/DevOps Engineer to join their global IT team.


Position Overview:

The successful candidate will be based in Warsaw, Poland, working remotely but expected to participate in occasional core meetings and workshops in Danish or Polish offices. The role includes a two-week onboarding in Copenhagen and semi-annual trips to Copenhagen, plus several short visits to Warsaw each year. The first day at work will be in the Warsaw office, where we will provide necessary equipment.


Required Qualifications:

  • Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
  • Experience: At least 7 years in SRE/DevOps roles, preferably in AWS and/or Azure environments.
  • Technical Skills: Strong proficiency in CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure automation (using tools like Terraform or cdk), containerization technologies (such as Docker), and monitoring (using Grafana and OTEL).
  • Programming: Excellent coding skills in Python, TypeScript, Go, or Rust.
  • Principles: Deep understanding of SRE and DevOps principles and methodologies like BDD or TDD.
  • Communication: Strong interpersonal and communication skills, capable of working effectively with cross-functional teams.

About the Department:

You will be part of a diverse and high-performing team composed of architects, developers, analysts, and data engineers operating globally. The department focuses on data acquisition and ingestion, data analysis, evangelization of advanced analytics, and support for data science initiatives. They are cloud-native and utilize Scrum for delivery, operating enterprise data solutions on AWS and Azure.



Job Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities:

  • Cloud-Native Platforms: Build and maintain scalable, highly available, and secure cloud-native platforms/services.
  • CI/CD and Observability: Take charge of our CI/CD processes using GitHub Actions and ADO, focusing on automation, efficiency, and quality.
  • Problem Solving: Exercise robust problem-solving skills to diagnose and solve complex issues, enhancing our logging, telemetry, and overall system observability.
  • Professional Development: Continuously develop your skills through external industry events and share knowledge within the team to foster a collaborative environment.
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